Definition of the Holy Quran


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    Definition of the Holy Quran

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    Peace upon you

    In the name of God the Merciful

    Definition of the Holy Quran

    Is the Word of God to Muhammad peace be upon him worshiper read out, transferred to us as frequently, started Surat Surat Fatiha sealed people.

    The number of parts of the Koran Thirty part.

    The number of sur-Quran 114 chapters

    Number of verses in the Quran verse 6236

    Longest sura in the Koran Sura

    The shortest sura in the Koran Al-Kawthar

    Longest verse in the Koran verse of religion, which is verse 282 of Sura

    The names of Al-Fatihah more than twenty Asma, did not appear in this year of only four:
    (Opening of the Book, or the Koran, the seven bladder, or the book)

    Said to Basmalah seventh verse of the verses of Surat Al-Fatiha, and then went to El-Shafei, enjoined to read the prayer, and the more correct view is that Basmalah verse.

    Walls, which are revealed before the migration to the city, and most of them going on a statement of belief and report and protest and beat her for her proverbs and install the fence, which is the civil immigration after I got infested with said provisions of the legislation and a statement from halal haram.

    The greatest Sura in the Quran Al-Fatihah.

    The greatest verse in the Quran is the verse in the Holy Al-Baqarah.

    The number of fence-opened letters chopped twenty-nine AL and most recently the first cow pen, including the unilateral such as: R, S, N, including bilateral, such as: Taha Yassin, Ham, including three-and four-and five-year. Not abide in the interpretation of the Prophet peace be upon him something. And being of similar, which accounted for his knowledge of God closer to the truth, so say: Allah knows best Bmradh so.

    The wall began to praise the Koran that God (light, cattle, cave, Saba, Creator)

    Holy Qur'an was revealed in the twenty-three years.

    Ten nights (the first ten of the argument)

    Wrath, and who are the Jews and the Christians are misguided.

    Science of the Qur'an (Quran, readings, interpretation, Koran Science)

    The names of the Day of Resurrection which appeared in the Koran (the Resurrection, Calamity, Reality, time, the other day, the Baath, on Gain, the news, the great, which is located, on the season, on combination, a great disaster, Alsakhh, Alrajfah)

    Sura, which concluded on behalf of the prophets are the top Surat.

    Who arranged the verses of the Qur'an as they are now in the Koran is the messenger of Allah peace be upon him.

    Insect and bird, who spoke as stated in the Quran are the Ant and the Hoopoe.

    Sura which contained the name of Allaah [God] in every verse of Sura verses are arguing.

    The number of correct readings of the Koran is ten readings.

    Sortan in the Holy Quran began the first word ended with the second two sorta the pot and dawn.

    Sura said that the AL is twice Basmalah ants.

    Sura which is by Sadjadtan Al-Hajj.

    Sura which was revealed in the Jews of Bani Nadir is Hashr.

    Reason for the revelation that Al sincerity is the polytheists they said to the Prophet peace be upon him: the most appropriate for us thy Lord, and he called us, came down Sura.

    Surat Al-Isra called the children of Israel.

    There in the Holy Quran fifteen prostration.

    Types of abandoned Quran

    Mentioned by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim - may Allah have mercy on him - in a book [the benefits] are five types of abandonment of the Holy Qur'an, we ask Allah - the Almighty - keep us out of them, namely:
    1 - abandonment of the faith and to hear him and listen to him.
    2 - abandoned by labor, and stand at the Halaleh has permitted and even read it and believed in him.
    3 - abandoned polite and referring to him in the fundamentals of Islam and its branches, and the belief that it does not benefit the certainty, and that the verbal evidence does not get science.
    4 - abandoned manageable, and understanding, knowing what he wanted by the speaker of it.
    5 - abandoned hospital and medical treatments in all diseases of the hearts and Aduaúha, seeking healing Daúh of others, and abandon the medication it, and all this inside saying [said the Prophet Lord said Verily this Qur'an abandoned] Criterion verse [30] although some abandonment is easier than some.

    Other names of Al Tawbah (innocence, reagents)

    Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him is a matter of collecting the Qur'an after the death of the Prophet peace be upon him.

    Alzahrawin two Al-Baqarah and Sura Al-Imran.

    Some of the virtues of the Holy Quran

    Al-Fatihah: prevent the wrath of God
    Al-Baqarah: (taken pond and left no heartbreak Isttiaha heroine - Magic) - (Satan flees from a house that reads the Sura)
    Cave: (read from on Friday, lit his light between the two Fridays and save the first ten verses from the temptation of keeping the Antichrist).
    Al Yassin (the heart of the Koran) - (read from the night seeking the pleasure of God Almighty forgive him a thirst to prevent the Day of Resurrection).
    Al located: (read all of the night not affected by the evil never destitution).
    Al smoke: (read from the night of forgiveness has become seventy thousand angels) - (read from Ham smoke in the night has become a forgiven him prevent the horrors of the Day of Resurrection).
    Al Blessed: (accompanied by a man who even forgives him (-) is the anti. Almngeh is the torment of the grave).
    Sura the disbelievers (of the conclusion it is a renunciation of polytheism).
    Al King: prevent the punishment of the grave and an inhibitor of the torment of the grave Almngeh
    Al Kawthar: prevent rivalry
    Al sincerity: hypocrisy prevent a third of the Qur'aan
    Al Daybreak: prevent envy
    AL people: preventing obsessive

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